Interesting Raccoon Facts

Raccoons have a bad rep when it comes to residential communities and neighborhoods.  It’s well-known that raccoons in these areas have become a nuisance as a result of their uncontrollable curiosity and acute intelligence.  These raccoons are pest and should be safely and professionally controlled by a licensed and reputable company.  On the other hand, raccoons in the wild are an interesting breed and their fun and fascinating qualities are often times over looked due to their destructive and obtrusive behavior in and around our homes.  Read on to get a different look at raccoons and how they live in nature when they’re not stealing our garbage.

Raccoons live in homes called dens.  In these dens, mother raccoons breed and care for their young.  A raccoon den is usually made from a hole in a tree, a hollow log, or an abandoned animal burrow.  You see, raccoons rarely dig their own burrows; they prefer to re-use another animals’ home.  Raccoons also use these dens to hibernate through the colder seasons.

That’s right, raccoons hibernate.  In the colder months out of the year, raccoons will stow away in their war dark dens and sleep through the majority of the season.  Raccoons do hibernate, but their hibernation period is different from other well-known hibernating animals, such as bears.  Raccoons will only hibernate for a period of weeks, rather than the entire season.  Before hibernating, they will work hard to store fat and calories to sustain their bodies during their sleep.

Another great fact that many people neglect to consider, is the fact that raccoons have predators.  It seems odd that there are animals that like the taste of raccoon, but why should it when we often eat raccoon too!  Larger mammals like coyotes, mountain lions, cougars, and even domestic dogs will prey on raccoons.  They can be preyed upon just as much as other hunted animals in the wild.  To a carnivore, meat is meat.

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