How to Spot the Signs of Rabies in a Raccoon

Raccoons are dirty and destructive animals that tend to behave mischievously. But there is a more serious concern that encourages homeowners to protect their properties from nuisance raccoon activity. We are talking about the Rabies Virus. Raccoons are a common carrier of the Rabies virus, and although they do not always become actively infected or show signs of being a carrier, spotting a rabid raccoon is easy.

Continue reading to learn the most common signs that a raccoon has Rabies, and what to do if you come across one in nature or on your property.

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Indianapolis Raccoon Removal and Control 317-535-4605

Detecting Rabies Symptoms in Raccoons

Anytime you come across an animal, whether domesticated or wild, that you suspect has Rabies, always act as if they do, and keep your distance. As for raccoons, a healthy raccoon should be out at night, or dusk. Also, they should appear robust, coordinated, and seem as though they have an agenda. A healthy raccoon should exhibit all characteristics that a mammal in good condition would. Now, as for a rabid raccoon, the signs are very different.

Here are the Most Common Signs and Symptoms of a Rabid Raccoon:

The raccoon cannot walk straight, or has trouble walking. They might even appear to be intoxicated or confused, and might also be walking in circles.

The raccoon appears confused, disoriented, or reacting slow.

The raccoon is making strange sounds and noises. A little chit chatter with other coons is normal, but strange noises while out and about is not.

The raccoon is foaming at the mouth or has an abnormal amount of saliva. The raccoon may look like its drooling excessively. But no one should ever be close enough to a raccoon to see the foam in their mouths!

The raccoons looks sick, weak, dead, or appears as if it is dying.

The raccoon is out during the daytime hours. Although a healthy raccoon can do this from time to time, if a raccoon is demonstrating any of the above signs in addition to being out during the day, it may be rabid.

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