Why Do I Have Raccoons on My Property?

There are countless reasons why wild animals choose to roam our city streets and suburbs. It’s pretty obvious that raccoons, just like most wild animals, are in constant search of food, shelter, and obscurity. They simple want to find a quick and easy meal, and a safe place to rest their heads for the day, or night in some cases. But what does it take to attract raccoons and other wildlife to your particular property all the time? Why does it seem as though raccoons are suddenly choosing your lot from all the other neighbor’s houses and properties? The answer is simple; you!

Raccoon Infestations

When raccoons are all of a sudden a frequent visitor to your lawn or gardens, then it is time to stop asking why and start looking in the mirror! This is because the majority of home and business owners have only themselves to blame for wild animal infestations. Fortunately, there are various tips and tricks to prevent wildlife and raccoons from trespassing onto your property and destroying your home and landscaping. Here are the most common reasons for raccoon invasion issues in rural and city areas:

Trash Cans

When people take their garbage out before trash day, it is like setting up and all-you-can-eat buffet for wildlife. Scraps of our food are like gold and rubies for raccoons. And raccoons are an intelligent species and will remember where easy meals can be found. This is why they return night after night and rummage through your trash. They know they are likely to find a meal just as they have the nights before. To refute this problem, be sure to take the trash out the day of garbage pickup. Raccoons are nocturnal and are not likely to pursue your leftovers during the day. Once they realize your property is not an abundant food source, they will stop visiting and move on to other properties.

Pet Food

The same idea is regarded for pet food. Many homeowners like to leave dog or cat food bowls outside for their pets. The problem is that pet food is the ideal nutrition plan for raccoons. Not only is it extremely nutritious, it is very tasty for them! They will be eager to come back as often as possible for more dog and cat food. The best way to stop feeding the neighborhood raccoons is to stop feeding your pets outside. Move all pet food indoors. This includes bags of food in outdoor sheds, garages, and storage units.

Squirrel Feeders

Another reason raccoons might be trespassing onto your property is to eat squirrel and bird food. Raccoons cannot survive on this type of animal feed alone but it is certainly a tasty treat for them. These feeders are typically easy for them to access; as they are agile climbers and retain dexterous paws for grasping. The unfortunate part to this other than the frequent trespassing, it that climbing roofs and trees can cause significant property damages. Also, roof-climbing can allow raccoons to find alternative access points into a home via loose roof shingles and more.

Indianapolis Raccoon Removal

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