What to Do if You Find Baby Raccoons on Your Property

Although it is not necessarily raccoon breeding season, it is still common to find baby raccoons near suburban communities this time of year. Due to high rates of development and construction, wild raccoons have been forced to acclimate to these new surroundings and environment. Unfortunately for homeowners, raccoons have quickly adapted to residential living, and have found ways to survive among us. This is unfortunate for homeowners because raccoons have learned to gain access to attics, crawl spaces, sheds, barns, garages, wall spaces, and other residential areas for shelter and breeding needs.

As mentioned before, it is not raccoon breeding season, but in this type of commune, raccoons can comfortably breed year-round. If you stumble upon a brood of baby raccoons, also called kits, in or around your home, make the right decision on what to do next. Continue reading to learn how to safely and humanely handle a situation in which you discover baby raccoons in or around your home.

What Not to Do

Before discussing options on how to handle a baby raccoon discovery in your home or property, it is important to address the options that are not recommended. For example, attempting to domesticate a baby raccoon is ill-advised by wildlife control experts and enthusiasts. There are several reasons for this. The first reason is an obvious one: it takes thousands of years to “domesticate” a breed of animal. Dogs and cats have been domesticated for this long; which is why they are successful human companions and house pets. As for raccoons, this is simply not possible. Even raising an animal from a baby cannot thwart their natural animal instincts that have been instilled in them for hundreds of centuries. Domesticating a wild animal is simply trouble.

Raccoons are clever and can quickly learn to open doors, search for food, and cause extensive amounts of destruction during playtime. Not only can this implicate your home’s value and its furnishings, it can be costly to repair and replace all the damages. Outdoor shelters and living spaces are not recommended as a solution to this problem. Raccoons are meant to roam free as wild animals and should not be held captive by humans for entertainment. Keeping a raccoon as an outdoor pet can lead to potential injuries to neighborhood children and residents too.

Another approach that is not recommended and should NEVER be considered is exterminating the baby raccoons. It is never advised and highly looked down on to injury, harm, or kill an innocent wild animal. There are various shelters and animal rescue facilities that will gladly accept these animals without question or cost. Never kill or hurt a baby raccoon.

The Right Approach

So if you happen to stumble upon a colony of baby kits, be sure to never attempt any of the above mentioned scenarios. Not only does this protect the safety of the baby raccoons, it protects you and your family as well. Here are some examples, recommended by industry professionals and supporters, of what you should do if you find baby raccoons or any other young wild animal on your property:

• Never Touch or Move Them
• Call a Wildlife Rescue Business or Local Animal Control Company
• Clear the Around Them for Safety and Better Access
• Keep Them Protected From Possible Harm without Touching or Moving Them
• Wait for Animal Removal Professionals to Arrive

Be sure to follow these steps for your own safety and the safety of the baby raccoons, as mentioned before. This is vital for the survival and well-being of the animals. Choose a reputable wildlife control company that uses safe and humane methods to capture and release animals without harming or killing them in anyway. These reputable companies should be able to provide immediate services in a case such as this and never charge a fee for picking up baby raccoons (unless additional effort and work is needed to access them). Either way, a good company will provide all these services and more for the best rate in town.

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