How to Protect Your Garden and Flowerbeds From Raccoons

Anyone who tends to a garden can relate to the struggles of nuisance wildlife and pests that aim to destroy them. The work, time, care, and investment we put into our gardens are too valuable to allow raccoons and other wild animals to freely use and abuse them! This is why preventative maintenance and awareness are vital in order to protect our flora. Animals such as raccoons, squirrels, moles, snakes, deer, and even birds are common trespasser to worry about.

Continue reading to learn some effective methods for keeping raccoons and other nuisance wildlife far away from your gardens.

Raccoon Removal Service Indianapolis Indiana 317-535-4605
Raccoon Removal Service Indianapolis Indiana 317-535-4605

Raccoon-Proofing Strategies for Gardens and Flowerbeds  

Environmental Modification

As homeowners, the first thing we should do is stop all behaviors and activities that attract wild animals to our lawns and gardens. This is known as animal-proofing through environmental modification. Animal-proofing your outdoor environments means eliminating all pet foods, including bird and squirrel feeders. It also means taking your garbage out the morning of trash collection day, or at least installing lid-locks to prevent raccoons from gaining access to them. It is best practice, however, to avoid leaving your garbage out overnight altogether.


Now, as garden lovers, the first thing to consider for raccoon and animal prevention is a fence. Installing a fence around your property can be costly but can save you thousands of dollars in potential repairs caused by wildlife. If a property-line fence is not in the budget, consider a small fence for the perimeter of your garden instead. These are just as effective for keeping small wildlife out of your precious cucumbers and cabbages, especially when reinforced with poultry netting or wiring.

They thwart their attention away because the task is too tedious for them. Wild animals are looking for quick sources of food and shelter, not an obstacle course. The only problem with a garden fence is that raccoons may still be able to access it. They have nimble fingers and claws that allow them to excel at climbing and dexterity. Implement all other methods to raccoon prevention and you may not need worry about them at all. The same goes for deer and birds.

Animal Repellent

Another effective approach to keeping critters out of our harvesting gardens is to raccoon repellent sprays around the perimeter of your garden or any area you wish to seal. You can purchase these products at your local superstore or online. Avoid using any products that are harmful to the environment and Eco-system. You can also make your own, homemade animal repellent for raccoons using common, nontoxic ingredients like capsaicin, spoiled egg yolks, cayenne pepper, menthol, and eucalyptus oil.

The best way to get rid of raccoons is to hire a licensed and insured critter control company in Indy for professional raccoon removal services. Contact Indianapolis Raccoon Removal at 317-535-4605 for prompt and professional Indianapolis raccoon removal services you can trust. We also provide repairs and restorations for racoon damages.

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