Protecting Your Green House From Raccoons

Now that spring is here which means it’s finally time to pay our gardens some much-needed attention. Gardening is a wonderful, nature-friendly hobby that reaps numerous rewards for the entire family. With all the hard work we put into managing our vegetable and flowers, it can be devastating to find that a nuisance animal destroyed it all in one nights’ time. Unfortunately, this is a common problem among homeowners and garden enthusiasts that live in areas where raccoons are abundant.

Having a raccoon problem is not only threatening to your crops, it is also threatening to your property and your home’s structural integrity. Once raccoons notice your property as a place for food, they never forget and will continue to revisit, increasing the damage they are capable of. One asset that has become a popular new feeding and sheltering spot for wild raccoons are green houses. It is important to learn how to keep raccoons out of your beloved green house in order to protect your bountiful harvests!

Raccoons and Greenhouses

Raccoons are constantly in search of a reliable food source and warm shelter. With the new advancements in technologies and science, many more average homeowners are able to create and manage their very own greenhouses. With an increase in greenhouse numbers in residential areas, raccoons have quickly taken notice to a new and abundant source of food and shelter. Fortunately, there are steps you can take as a greenhouse owner to protect your investment by thwarting raccoon activity on your property. Focus on these key tips to protect your greenhouse from raccoon damage:

• Never use poisons or harmful chemicals to keep raccoons away. These are cruel and in-humane, as well as, potentially lethal to your domesticated animals.

• Spend quality time in your greenhouse to prevent birds and other animals from nesting inside and destroying your plants. Routine use on an everyday-basis can be enough to scare wild animals away, including raccoons.

• Maintain a clean and tidy greenhouse. Excessive stashes of trash, water, animal feed, or seeds can attract raccoons and other wild animals. Keep items like these stored in a locked shed or inside the home.

• Inspect the interior and exterior of your green house on a regular basis. Look for holes, gaps, and openings that could have been caused by animal intruders. Seal or block all access points with crumpled foil, course steel wool, or animal-intended metal mesh.

• Consider renovated your greenhouse floors if they are made of dirt. This can allow animals to burrow through. Install concrete flooring, sheet metal, or other suitable flooring that will obstruct this from happening.

• Install electronic ultrasound machines, predator call sound machines, or motion-sensor lighting to scare away raccoons and other wildlife. Bright lights, predator sounds, and certain pitches can alarm a raccoon, changing their mind about visiting your property in the future. These can be purchase at a wide range of prices depending on brand, retailer, and quality.

• Use scents and smells to keep raccoons away. Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil, or simply use moth balls, and place them strategically around your greenhouse. You can also try sprinkling cinnamon, cayenne pepper, or ammonia around the perimeter of your greenhouse or property line. Be careful using ammonia if you have dogs or cats. You may also try soaking a rag in apple cider vinegar overnight, then placing the rag into a bowl, and putting it outside your greenhouse.

• If you have a very large, climate-controlled greenhouse, it is highly recommended to get a greenhouse cat. Be sure to keep the cat exclusively in the greenhouse, and not in the yard, since a cat in the yard will just attract insects that are damaging to your plants. But a cat in the greenhouse is highly effective at protecting it from nuisance wildlife.

Raccoon Removal and Control in Indianapolis

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