What are the Dangers of Wild Raccoon Encounters?

Wild raccoons are beautiful, intelligent, and fascinating creatures in nature; however, they can be dangerous threats for homes, pets, people, gardens, and more. There are several DIY methods, as well as professional methods, to keep raccoons off your property. It is encouraged to secure all areas of a home; including loose roof shingles, cracks and crevices in the exterior of a home, porches, decks, patios, garages, sheds, and more. By fastening windows and doors, sealing all potential openings, and repairing any vulnerable areas on the exterior of a home can quickly thwart raccoon infestations.

It is also helpful to remove pet and animal food from outside because this is a free meal for raccoons. They will certainly remember who leaves easy meals out on their porch and will return night after night to feed. Think about removing outdoor garbage cans as well. This is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for wild animals. Instead, take the trashcans out the DAY OF trash day to avoid a huge mess in your driveway the next day. By doing all of these tasks, plus calling a licensed raccoon control specialist for professional raccoon proofing, you can prevent raccoon encounters altogether!

Raccoon Dangers

One of the most prevalent dangers of raccoons and other wild animals is Rabies. Not all raccoons have rabies, but many carry the virus and can spread it through their fecal matter, blood, and saliva. Rabies is a deadly virus that is not treatable; so we do not ever want to come into contact with an animal that might have it. If our pets contract the disease, they have to be put down immediately before they suffer further. Keeping raccoons away from your property is the best bet for protecting your dogs and cats. It can protect your children and family as well. Many people stumble across baby raccoons that have been lost or stranded from their mother.

Although baby raccoons are about the cutest thing you’ll ever see, NEVER touch one or attempt to “save it” in anyway. For one, it could be infected and cause you or your pets to catch a disease; and two, if the mother smells a human scent on their baby, they will not care for it any longer and abandon it. Always call a licensed Indianapolis raccoon removal company for safe and humane raccoon control services. Not only do raccoons carry communicable diseases, they can also fiercely attack or bite in self-defense. This is how diseases are contracted, and their long thick fangs can be extremely painful to skin.

Indianapolis Raccoon Removal

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