Do You Have a Winter Raccoon Infestation?

Raccoons, like most wild animals, are not courteous when it comes to our properties. They will help themselves to whatever they can access, even if it means destroying certain areas of your home. In the wintertime, the threat of nuisance raccoon problems is much higher since most animals are looking for food and shelter to last them the season.

This very second, raccoons and more are looking to take shelter from the winter climate in attics and other cozy areas of a building or property. Worst of all, once they get comfortable, they won’t leave until you make them. But the inside is not the only area to be concerned about; wild animals will also tear up your lawns, gardens, trees, and more, to prepare for the harshest peaks of winter.

For these reasons and more, it is important to know what to look out in terms of nuisance raccoon interference. Knowing how to spot a raccoon problem will help you better protect your home from costly and invasive damages, and even potential health and safety threats.

Continue reading to learn the tell-tale signs of winter raccoon infestation, as well as, what you can do to solve them for good.

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Top ❹ Signs of Raccoon Infestation

🦝 Raccoon Sightings

The number one sign of a raccoon infestation is actually seeing them in action with your own eyes. If you notice an increase in raccoon tampering and activity around your yard, you can safely assume that they will continue to grow in size and scope. Another sign to look out for is paw tracks. If you are waking up in the morning and seeing raccoon paw prints around your home, you can assume they are visiting your property at night while you sleep.

🐛 Evidence of Digging

Another common sign of nuisance raccoon activity is finding evidence of digging. Raccoons will use their long, sharp claws and dexterous paws to dig up grass and soil in search of juicy grubs, worms, and more. Fortunately, there are easy and effective methods of eliminating a grub infestation, so you should have no problem getting rid of them before next season.

🌾 Tree and Plant Damages

Similar to digging, you may also notice plant and tree damage. Peeled or missing bark around the base of tree trunks can be a sign of vole girdling, deer interference, woodpecker activity, and more. Gardens are often pillaged and wiped out by all sorts of wildlife, from crawling and furry ones, to ones that fly. If you notice that your plants and trees are damaged, it could very well be due to nuisance raccoon winter behavior.

💩 Droppings

Like sightings and paw tracks, another obvious sign of nuisance raccoon activity is the presence of droppings. Most of the time, raccoon droppings are easy to decipher from one another. However, there are also many animal droppings that resemble other species. The best way to identify which animal droppings you are seeing on your property is to contact a local and licensed Indianapolis raccoon control company for free advice and on-site inspections.

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