We Accept Insurance Work for Raccoon Damages in Indianapolis!

Indiana Raccoon Removal is an independently-owned and operated wildlife removal and control company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. We are highly trained and qualified wildlife control technicians that has served the future communities for over 20 years, and retain an extensive amount of experience.

We are licensed and insured by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and certified to provide a wide range of raccoon removal and control services for both residential and commercial properties.

Raccoon Control Services

Our services include are not just limited to raccoon extraction; we also provide various levels of professional raccoon proofing, raccoon prevention, structural damage repair (attic and crawl space renovation), raccoon clean up, odor removal, and more. We also provide 24 hour emergency raccoon removal services.

Get Help With the Bills!

Now, with the help of multiple insurance carriers, virtually all raccoon and wildlife-related damages are covered through home owners’ insurance. But to be sure, double check with your home’s insurance company to see what you are covered for in terms of wildlife damage and home repairs. And for your convenience, Indiana Raccoon Removal is happy to work with a long list of insurance providers to get the repairs covered at little to no cost to you!

Indianapolis Raccoon Removal

Contact us at 317-535-4605 to learn more about our guidelines regarding insurance policy claims for raccoon damages in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our wildlife control specialists retain the most up-to-date knowledge and training on raccoon control, as well as, remain fully equipped with all the latest technologies and resources for safe and humane raccoon extraction and exclusion. Call 317-535-4605 to request free estimate for Indianapolis raccoon removal, today.