Tips for Preventing Raccoon Conflicts on Your Property

Raccoons are known as a problem-animal in most neighborhoods and busy cities, but the reality is, they are around because we lure them to us! Here are some tips to avoid raccoons rummaging through your garbage and gardens, and more tips to keeping them out of your attics and sheds.

Raccoon Removal and Control 317-535-4605

Raccoon Removal and Control 317-535-4605

Raccoon Prevention Tips:

Do Not Feed Raccoons. This is probably very obvious to some, but there are people out there that find the critters charming at first, leaving them “snacks” outside; but overtime, the raccoons begin harassing the property, and the owners can’t get rid of them! Your backyard is not a petting zoo, so refrain from feeding the animals at all costs.

Seal Up Outdoor Garbage and Trash Cans. By concealing your trash cans and garbage, it persuades raccoons to look for food in someone else’s yard. Without access, raccoons can’t tear and rip through garbage bags in search of leftovers; leaving behind a huge mess. People have found bungee cords to be helpful in keeping trash can lids on tightly, denying access to hungry raccoons. Other means of sealing have been duct tape, clamps, or just keeping your trashcans in the garage. Do not leave trash cans out overnight is another good way to get rid of raccoons.

Do Not Leave Dog or Cat Food Outside. Do not do this especially overnight when raccoons come out to feed. Domestic animal food is a treat for raccoons, and they can sniff it out easily. Leaving a bowl of cat food on your patio is an open invite for raccoons everywhere to come and dine. Do not give raccoons access to any type of food on your property. If they can’t find food near your home or building, they have no reason to come back. It is a known fact that raccoons can remember a solution to a task up to three years later. They will remember there is never food on your property.

Remove Any Desirable Den Sites. Have your home or property inspected by a professional company for vulnerable or weak spots on the exterior of the home. Have these access areas sealed up or implement some raccoon prevention strategies. Things like chimneys, porches, crawl spaces, attics, roof tops, and sheds need to be sealed so that raccoons cannot nest in them.

Doing all these things is a great first step in raccoon prevention. Calling a professional raccoon removal company can help you as well. They can safely and humanely remove raccoons without harming your home or surrounding environment.

Indianapolis Raccoon Removal and Control

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