A Recent Citation Reminds Us Not to Make Raccoons Our Pets

Last month, a woman in Indiana was cited by police 29 times for owning 29 baby raccoons. Why did she get these citations? Continue reading to find out, including the lesson we can all take from this incident.

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Pet Raccoons are Illegal Without a Permit

Without the proper permits and licensing, owning a raccoon is illegal under state law. The Hoosier woman who was cited 29 times for owning 29 baby raccoons did not have any of the proper permits required by law for legal exotic pet domestication. Not only must individuals acquire a legal permit for exotic pet ownership, they must also stay on top of routine renewals, as such permits expire after a few years.

The woman in this case actually had an expired permit, as she was a retired wildlife rescue rehabilitation professional. But this incident shows us just how strict Indiana laws are on exotic and wild animal pet domestication. There are several reasons why these regulations are in place, but the top most important reasons are for animal protection and preservation, and for our own safety.

For this reason and more, wild animals, including raccoons, are not meant to be caged. Therefore, it is not advised to own one as a pet if proper care cannot be provided on a consistent basis.  Animal sanctuaries, such as zoos and rehabilitation centers, are the only settings that are appropriate for wild animal domestication. Sadly, in this case of 29 citations, 10 raccoons had to be euthanized due to health issues, while the other 19 were relocated to a safe, faraway habitat.

Because raccoons are a Class II wild animal here in Indiana, a Class II permit is required. Indiana defines Class II wild animals as, “(…)a wild animal that, because of its nature, habits, or status, may pose a threat to human safety.” To learn more about exotic pet ownership permits, see the Indiana Administrative Code. Title 312. Natural Resources Commission. Article 9. Fish and Wildlife. Rule 11. Wild Animal Possession Permits, here.

If You Find a Baby Raccoon

Although a baby raccoon looks cute and cuddly, they are still wild animals. You must resist the urge to touch or move the raccoon. Instead, contact a local Indianapolis raccoon removal company for prompt and professional relocation services that will not harm the raccoon in any way. While waiting for professional services, keep all people and pets away from the vicinity of the raccoon. It could be ill or carry a disease, so keep your distance as well.

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