Can I Shoot a Raccoon in My Yard?

Nuisance raccoons are certainly pesky little critters to deal with, especially if they are doing loads of damage and destruction to your property every night. For this reason, it is understandable why many wildlife contractors face the question of whether or not a homeowner can hunt or shoot raccoons on their personal property. Professionals in the industry know that raccoon problems are frustrating and even scary for most, so the inquiry is not an alarming one. But there are a few things to know in regards to shooting raccoons in Indiana, and anywhere else in the country, before reaching for your rifle. Continue reading to learn the answer to this common question, and what to do when raccoons are causing problems on your property.

Killing Raccoons

The answer is somewhat complicated, since several counties and states have different laws surrounding animal hunting or killing. Many states require a permit for hunting, while others do not even allow the discharge of a firearm. For example, the state of Illinois allows the possession of a personal firearm, but discharging the firearm is illegal, making the shooting of an animal illegal. But in other areas, like Jefferson County, Missouri, a person is allowed to discharge their firearm as long as it is on their own property and for the sole purpose of defending their property. So if a raccoon is trespassing on a Jefferson County property every night, a homeowner can legally wait outside and shoot the raccoon on sight. In all states that allow the killing of a nuisance wild animal, there are laws prohibiting animal abuse. So although a homeowner can shoot or euthanize a wild animal on their property, they cannot torture or abuse the animal in anyway. It must be carried out in a legal and humane manner.

Whether your state allows it or not, the primary problem with shooting wild raccoons is the inhumanity factor. It is not humane to kill a raccoon simply because it is on your property and causing a mess. It is not their fault that over-development has forced them into urban areas. They are only mammals looking to survive anyway they can; and they happen to also be naturally very curious. Raccoons should never be harmed or killed under any circumstances, unless carried out by the proper authorities for good reason. The second, and equally important reason why killing raccoons is a bad idea is that it will not solve a raccoon problem. Killing one or two raccoons will do nothing to fix the issue.

The only way to stop raccoons from coming to your property is to eliminate the reasons why they are coming in the first place. All of the things that attract raccoons, like pet food and garbage, should be removed from outside. The home should be properly sealed to prevent prying paws from entering interior and exterior areas of the house. This includes roofs, soffits, windows, and doors. By removing all food and water sources, and protecting your home from animal entry, you can thwart raccoon activity in as little as a few weeks. If you do this and continue to have problems, contact a local wildlife removal and control company for non-lethal raccoon exclusion services. Keep in mind that there are legal repercussions for those who choose to neglect firearm and animal hunting laws in Indiana. So put that rifle away and call a raccoon removal service instead!

Raccoon Removal Indianapolis

Call 317-535-4605 for prompt and professional raccoon removal in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are DNR licensed and insured wildlife control contractors with decades of experience in the industry. We only use safe and humane methods to remove raccoons and relocate them to a safe habitat. Whether for commercial or residential properties, our highly trained contractors have everything they need to fix the issue in a time-frame that’s convenient for you. And at the most competitive prices in town, you can rest assure you are getting the best deal at the highest value. Call 317-535-4605 to get rid of raccoons in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties.

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